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Christmas Legends

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Christmas Stories - Christmas Legends - Christmas Tales
Stories, Legends and Tales of Christmas are quite interesting and have hidden morals to learn from. Most of these stories tell us to love all ...

Christmas Legends - Popular Christmas Legends
There are many folklores and legends associated with Christmas. Read on to explore about these popular Christmas legends here.

Christmas Legends, Myths, Stories - Indobase
Christmas legends help us connect with the past of Christianity. Many myths and stories have come into being ever since the birth of Jesus. Read through the article ...

Christmas Legends - Angelfire
The Christmas Tree. This symbol of the season has so many legends associated with it, entire books have been written on the subject.

Christmas Legends -- My Merry Christmas
Exploring the many characters of fact and fiction that give Christmas richness and depth. The Christmas legends from Christ to Dickens are celebrated.

Christian Christmas Legends for Kids - Christianbook.com
Visit Christianbook and find books and stories about Christmas legends for children and families.

Christmas Legends - Christmas Myths
Christmas legends such as Santa Claus, Christmas tree, candy canes etc. are great contributors for Christmas celebration. Know the facts associated with these legends.

The Myths and Legends Behind Christmas | Fantasy Magazine
The Myths and Legends Behind Christmas. by Paula R. Stiles Christmas is usually considered a Christian festival, but it’s probably the most syncretized holiday on ...

Classic and Historic Legends - ThoughtCo
Sewer Alligators? Sasquatch? Missing brides? Find out more about the urban legends you thought you knew with riveting stories, analysis, and theories.

Legend, Symbol, & Tradition Christmas Ornaments | Bronner ...
Each of these unique Bronner's ornaments illustrates a legend, symbol, or tradition sure to bring meaning and enjoyment to your Christmas celebration!

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